Saturday, March 14, 2009

What We Do

I know some people have been trickling into the blog over the weekend probably wondering what what it is all about. So, I figured for the weekend post I would again try and explain what the blog is all about. Basically what I am trying to do is gather some of the best links online and post them in one spot because let's face it, we all have 8 hours to kill every day.

I have for the past little while been posting primarily sports links. I think for the upcoming week I am going to change it up a little and have a sports section, an entertainment section, and a news section, plus of course any links that you all send in.

If you come across an article, a blog, a YouTube video or anything else you find interesting please send it to Trust me other people will find it interesting and it will help them get through their work/school day.

Thanks again for stopping by, check back each day as new posts are made multiple times a day all work week long!


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