Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Morning

Like I mentioned in my weekend post I am going to try and change things up a little bit. I will be breaking down some headlines in different categories each day which will be followed by the links that you send me. Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me what you think.


-Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth hit and killed a man with his car over the weekend in Miami Beach. According to reports toxicology reports are being ran as we speak, and the results should be expected within the next week or so. Apparently Stallworth was headed to the beach when he hit 59 year old Mario Reyes. Really a sad story.

-March is officially upon us! Sure the calender has shown that it is March for the past 2+ weeks, but it really becomes official when the NCAA's Men's Basketball Brackets have been released. I can promise you right now that next March, if we are still up and running that we will have an 8 Hours To Kill bracket showdown. There is no better way to kill time at work then to fill out your brackets. Take it from me.

-Ho hum, just another ACC Championship for my Blue Devils. Make it 17.


-3 people were arrested in New York City on Saturday after a brawl broke out during an audition for America's Next Top Model. Apparently the girls at the audition found out that if they did well they would actually have to appear on the show.

-Radio personality Don Imus has announced that he is suffering from prostate cancer. Imus made the announcement on his radio show this morning. Imus is perhaps most well known for a racist comment he made about the Rutgers woman's basketball team in 2007.

-Comedian Jay Leno, has added a second free show to his comedy act in Detroit in early April. Leno's shows will be free for anyone who is currently unemployed.


-Ever wonder what the homes of billionaires look like? Well this article from Yahoo! finance will have your answer. Nothing like having a gold plated door.

-Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernake says that the recession could end in 2009. According to Bernake if the government succeeds in bolstering the banking system, Americans could see an end to what is being called the worst recession since the Great Depression.

-President Obama has extended a life line to small businesses. Obama says that the White House is going to make it easier for Small Business owners to get the loans that they need to help their businesses succeed.

The Links

-Only one link sent in for today. Mike C. sent in this article talking about former WWE wrestler Andrew Martin, aka Test, being found dead in his home in Tampa. Another sad story about a WWE wrestler passing away far to early in their lives. Thoughts are out to the Martin family.

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  1. Coulda sworn Test's last name was Icle.

    And yes, insensitive. My apologies to his family, especially Mr. and Mrs. Icle.

    Damnit, insensitive again.