Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday's Tidbits


-It appears that John Calipari is close to finalizing a deal with the University of Kentucky to become their new head basketball coach. The Wildcats fired Billy Giliispie last week after missing the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1991. The deal for the current Memphis head coach could be finalized as early as today.

-Tyler Hansbrough, and Blake Griffin were named to the AP's All American Team. Griffin received 71 first team votes to lead the country. Hansbrough was the first UNC player to be named to the All-American team in back to back years since some guy named Jordan did it in 83 and 84. Man I hate Hansbrough. Have fun sitting on the bench in the Association.

-We named Robert Powell as our Moron of the Week last Friday. Today Texans' running back, Ryan Moats, accepted Powell's apology for delaying Moats and his family while his mother-in-law was dying of breast cancer. The Moats family has shown nothing but class in this situation, they released a statement today accepting the apology as well as saying thanks for all of the sympathy that has been pouring in from around the nation.


-Did you know that Jack Bauer has a twin sister? How about goddess Scarlett Johansson having a twin brother? Ashton Kutcher? Yep, he does too. I had no idea that so many celebs were twins until I read this story. Too bad Scarlett doesn't have a twin sister. Mmmmmm, two Scarlett's!

-Apparently Twitter is taking over Hollywood. With all the recent stories of athletes "tweeting" from the locker room at halftime, it seems only fitting that actors, producers, and directors would start doing the same from their sets. I don't know why, but I've never even look at Twitter. Maybe I will just type shorter posts every morning. I know I could fit all of the links that get sent in to the site in a 140 character message.


-The company that owns the Chicago Sun-Times has filed for bankruptcy. Over 120 newspapers in the country have shut down since January of 2008. Not a good sign for aspiring writers out there.

-Get ready for some extra money in your next pay check. President Obama's stimulus package will start to benefit you by the time your next paycheck rolls in. You can expect an additional $15-$30 on each pay check thanks to the tax credits that you will be receiving for being employed. It may not sound like a lot, but that's a free tank of gas each month!

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