Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday's This 'N That

-The Atlanta Hawks continued their streak busting ways last night by putting an end to the Utah Jazz 12 game winning streak. Joe Johnson had a huge first half scoring 21 points, and the Jazz seemed to run out of gas at the end. Utah did not score a field goal in the final 5:02 of the ball game.

-We all should move to Delaware. According to a report in the latest ESPN The Magazine, Jack Markell, the state's Governor is expected to propose a bill that would legalize sports betting in Delaware. Interestingly enough the Governor thinks that legalizing sports gambling could help cut into the states $700 million deficit.

-Red Sox closer, Jonathan Papelbon, didn't hold anything back when talking to Esquire about former Sox slugger, Manny Ramirez. Papelbon remarked that Manny "was on a different train", apparently that train was on course for Los Angeles.

-Someone finally broke down exactly what gets done in an 8 hour work day. See folks, their should be plenty of time for you to send me some links!

-Ahhhhhh yes! More Gus Johnson. Man I can't wait for the NCAA Tournament to start.

-Maybe my favorite headline of the day: Nerd Wants $1,000,000 for lost XBox.

-Who throws a shoe? Honestly!

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