Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday's This 'N That

Apologies for yesterday's lack of a post. The wireless connection that I was using to make the post decided to kick me off after about 10 minutes, so I wasn't able to make a real post. Normally I would just post a link to the ultimate time killer at work, the NCAA Tournament today, but because of the lack of a post yesterday I will go with a full post. Remember, I need your links!! Send them to


-The NCAA Tournament returns today! Remember you can watch every game all day long online for free at

-Yahoo! Sports is reporting that UConn's men's basketball team violated NCAA rules in their recruitment of Nate Miles. Among the allegations are that UConn provided Miles with an agent. While not acknowledging the allegations coach Jim Calhoun did not deny them. Let's just hope that this doesn't stop them from doing big things in the tournament (a.k.a. I might have picked them in a pool to win the tournament that could be worth some straight cash homey).

-NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, is going to propose an 18-game schedule to owner's in May. Citing the lack of needing 4 pre-season games Goodell would like to expand the current 16-game schedule. I'm sure NFL fans all over the country are salivating at this thought.


-Entertainment Weekly has provided us with their list of 24 TV shows that were cancelled too soon. Somehow, one of my all time favorite shows, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip did not make the list. Any shows that you think should have made it? Disagree with EW's picks? Leave a comment below.

-A man was arrested for attempting to break on to the Dancing with the Stars set. Apparently the man was hoping to meet Olympic champion Shawn Johnson. He was carrying a weapon with him as he tried to meet her. I'm not a security expert (at least not any more), but carrying a loaded weapon onto the set of one of the most celebrity filled TV shows on Earth, is probably not the best way to gain access. Just a hunch though.

-Dolly Parton is addressing the long time rumors about being a lesbian. Parton has been rumored to be lovers with her long time best friend Judy Ogle. However Parton claims that she and Ogle are in love, but not like that. She has been married to her husband, Carl Dean, for 43 years.


-The number of laid off American's has risen to a new record high. There have been 652,000 first time applicants for unemployment insurance, up from 367,000 just one year ago. Ouch. Hopefully some of the news that has been rolling in about the economy starting to pick up will help out all those in need.

-While electronics stores like Circuit City were going out of business in the 4th quarter of 2008, Best Buy posted a better than expected 10% increase in sales. Best Buy is expected to open 65 new stores in 2009.

The Links

-Andrew S. sent in this video featuring Chris Webber, and Gary Payton from NBATV. If you haven't seen any of their shows, or any of their apperences on TNT, you are missing out on pure comedy gold. I will post another video featuring these guys later on today. It deserves it's own post!

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  1. Biggest proponent of an 18-game schedule: Mercury Morris.