Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Update... Only Without Tina Fey

-The Suns overcame 49 points from Kobe Bryant and defeated the Lakers by 7 on Sunday. Shaquille O'Neal dropped 33 points in the game. It was the first time in nearly 5 years for Shaq to have back to back games of 30+ points. Not a good weekend for the Lakers who shot 29.8% from the floor in a loss Friday at Denver.

-The NBA has prohibited Dwayne Wade from wearing his new "band-Wade". Wade had been wearing a band-aid underneath his left since cutting it a few weeks ago.

-The Pistons had a great weekend on the road. They snapped an 8 game losing streak Friday at Orlando, and then handed the Celtics their first home loss to an Eastern Conference opponent this season. With Allen Iverson out with a bad back it has been a good weekend for Detroit Basketball.

-The New England Patriots traded franchise player, Matt Cassel to the Kansas City Chiefs. In return the Pats picked up KC's 2nd round draft pick. A lot of people are wondering if the Pats got enough in exchange for Cassel. Dan Wetzel at Yahoo! tells us that Belicheck is still sane. Peter King is wondering if did a favor for an old friend.

-Kyle Busch turned left better than anyone this weekend at his home track in Las Vegas.

-Two hours of the best show on TV tonight. Is it a coincidence that it also falls on my 24th birthday? I think not.

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