Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday's Tidbits


-Houston Rockets forward, Carl Landry was shot in the leg just after 4 o'clock this morning in downtown Houston. Police say that the shots were fired at what may have been an attempted robbery, or a drive by shoot, or a combination of the two. I don't get it. Why on earth would you be out in downtown Houston after 4 in the morning? Oh by the way the Rockets team charter arrived from New Orleans at just after midnight. Landry is expected to miss up to 2 weeks.

-Speaking of morons in the NBA, check out this story about Nets forward, Sean Williams. Apparently Williams got upset with a clerk in a cell phone store in a Denver mall, and figured the best way to show his anger would be to pick up a monitor and throw it across the store. I mean, why wouldn't you do that? Stiff competition this week for Moron of the Week. Check back on Friday for full results.

-Big thanks to Julian Tavarez for giving us the quote of the year thus far. Only Julian could compare signing with the Nationals and dating Jennifer Lopez. Kudos Julian, kudos!


-Tony Award winning actress Natasha Richardson has suffered serious head injuries in a skiing accident in Montreal. Richardson's husband, Liam Neeson, has left the set of his current movie in Toronto to be by her side.

-The train wreck that is Amy Winehouse has pleaded not guilty to assault charges. Allegedly Winehouse hit a fan at a charity ball in September. I'm sure her P.R. team loved that.

Slow day in entertainment news.


-Senate Democrats have vowed to take away bonuses that were given to AIG executives. $165 million of the bailout money that was given to AIG were handed out in bonuses to top executives at the company. Senate Democrats have threatened to tax those bonuses at up to 91%. Ouch.

-iPhone Software 3.0 is on the way. Some no-brainer upgrades should finally make their way onto the Apple cell phone. Copy and pasting, MMS (picture messaging), and tethering are just a few of the options that are rumored to be a part of the upgrade.

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