Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday's Works

Happy Hump Day... Away we go...


-Team USA used a dramatic 3-run comeback in the bottom of the 9th inning to defeat Puerto Rico and advance to the WBC semifinals last night in Miami. David Wright blooped a base hit into right field and set off a huge celebration on the field. It's games like this that will help get the WBC on the map.

-Just a fantastic story here about a disabled veteran meeting Team USA after the game in Miami.

-I love this story. President Obama has filled out an NCAA Tournament bracket for ESPN. There were times when I thought how cool is it that President Bush had an ownership stake in the Texas Rangers, and now how cool is it that our Commander In Chief is filling out a bracket just like the rest of us? It definitely makes it easier to relate to someone in such a powerful position when they do things just like we all are doing.

-New Jersey Devils goalie, Martin Brodeur is now the NHL's all time wins leader. Brodeur broke the record that was previously held by Patrick Roy. By the way the NHL also canceled their season a few years back. Morons!


-Belinda Carlisle is the casualty of this season's Dancing With The Stars. Steve Wozniak was the other "star" in the final pairing, but he was spared another week. PHEW!

-Watch out Hills fans, Audrina is leaving! Audrina Patridge has told MTV that she will not be back on the "reality show" after the upcoming 5th season. She has instead signed a deal with Mark Burnett productions that will find other ways for her to exploit her "celebrity".


-It's probably not a good thing when your Chief Executive calls your bonuses "distasteful". But that's exactly what Edward Liddy said of the bonuses that his company paid out to its executives. However he does feel that the company has to uphold those bonuses due to contracts it has in place. This will make for a very interesting debate on the hill.

-David Friehling, accountant for Bernie Madoff, has turned himself in to authorities on charges that he falsified numbers, and lied in the scandal that has Madoff facing charges of up to 150 years in jail. Ouch.

The Links

-Whether he realizes it or not, Matt G. has given us this link for a hilarious rap video featuring T-Pain on YouTube. Quick warning, this video contains some strong language and may be NSFW.

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