Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Morning Brew for 11/18

I'm not quite sure how I made it through the last 3 days without any Jazz games to entertain myself. Looking forward to a nice stretch of 11 out of 14 in the 'Tah!

-In San Clemente, California at the San Onofre State Beach, there is a 1,000 foot stretch which has allowed nude sunbathing for more than 30 years. Unfortunately it seems it's time to put some clothes back on. Park Rangers are going to be on the lookout for nude sunbathers, and will begin arresting those in the buff. Fines will go up to $500 for each offense. I think more than anything you need to click on this link just to see the photo of the lawyer who is defending the nudists. Don't worry, it is safe to view at work.

-Is Twitter the next big thing in customer service? This USA Today article lists 3 dozen different national companies that are using the social media site to help frustrated consumers, including 20 who are offering after hours help. Speaking of Twitter, you can always follow us @8HoursToKill.

-I about fell out of my chair this morning reading an article about the Afghanistan game Buzkashi. Apparently in this game men on horses gallop around trying to capture a dead goat who has had it's head removed. Yes, you read that correctly. Even more exciting is that the leader of the Buzkashi Federation is pushing for this to become an Olympic sport. Seriously, just read the article. I'm sure advertisers all around the world will be falling all over themselves to make sure they get some ad time during this event.

-America's favorite woman's soccer player, Elizabeth Lambert, has apologized for her actions in a game against BYU on November 5th. Lambert believes that some of her actions were misinterpreted, or taken out of context. No, I'm pretty sure that I interpreted her yanking an opponent to the ground by her pony tail the correct way. Good thing it took you nearly 2 weeks to issue an apology though Miss Lambert. Class act.

-People Magazine has named it's Sexiest Man Alive for 2009. In a mild upset, I was not awarded the crown. Interesting. Anyone know where I can demand a re-count?

-Is there anything more entertaining in sports than a coach making fun of a reporter in a post game press conference? Me thinks not.

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  1. Obviously the lawyer in the nudity story should have won the sexiest man alive. Sorry bout it.