Friday, November 13, 2009

Morning Brew for 11/13

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-Nothing like the fear of being kicked out of our country to make you plead guilty. The parents of the 6-year old "Balloon Boy" plead guilty this morning to charges of being dumbasses. The boy's mother is a Japanese citizen living in America legally, but felt that they needed to plead guilty to avoid more severe punishment that could involve her deportation. No word on whether or not Japan would even take her back.

-Whatever happened to the separation of church and state? By the way, this was posted in the Religion section of the USA Today.

-The News from Each State section is one of my favorites each morning in the USA Today. While they don't post it online, which is preventing me from linking to this story, Florida's post for today was outstanding. Apparently 6 members of the Florida Anti-Drug Task Force are going to be re-trained after video shows them in the middle of raid at someone's house stopping to play video games. Hmmmm.... Still waiting to hear if the training is anything like a day at the Stanford office of Dunder Mifflin.

-I posted this video yesterday on our Twitter account, but it is worth re-posting today. Former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, decided that even after CNN's Larry King changed the subject that he was being inappropriate. So she preformed the weakest storm off attempt in human history. Quality entertainment in this video.

-A group that represents nearly 80% of Burger King's franchises is suing the fast food company over it's $1 Double Cheeseburger promotion. The franchises are upset because the cost to produce the Double Cheeseburger is about $1.10 depending on the location. The promotion was twice rejected by BK franchises after a test run in certain markets earlier this year. Good thing you went ahead with the promo though.

-You know, there comes a time in every blogger's life when he just has to link stories that will keep his wife happy. You're welcome.

-Someone's alma matter is headed to the state championship game. Good luck Red Devils!

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