Thursday, November 12, 2009

Morning Brew for 11/12

This just continues to depress me. I feel like a Republican when Sarah Palin was named VP Candidate. Not good times.

-Sometimes things are just meant to be. This story absolutely proves that. A man was about to propose to his girlfriend on a hot air balloon when he dropped the ring over the side of the basket to the forest floor 500 feet below. What happened next could only mean that this couple is meant for each other.

-Over the past couple of days I have posted videos of violence in woman's soccer, including the top moment in the history of The Mountain Sports Channel, the incident between a New Mexico and BYU soccer player. Well Christine Brennan had a chance to sit down with New Mexico head coach Kit Vela, to discuss what transpired. While I am not quite a soccer expert, some of the tackles that Elizabeth Lambert made were not exactly in "the flow of the game", sorry coach but you're not even close to right on this one.

-Lou Dobbs, who was the last of the original CNN anchors still at the news network, has left CNN. While CNN President, Jonathan Kline, called the split "totally amicable", one would think that the fact that Fox News Corp's Shepard Smith pulling in nearly 2 million more viewers at the same time slot might have had something to do with it. It was also just announced that John King will take over for Dobbs starting next year.

-Randy Lewis of the LA Times had a chance to catch up with Taylor Swift after the singer captured 4 CMA Awards last night in Nashville, including Entertainer of the Year. Pretty refreshing to read just how genuinely happy she is to win these awards.

-Speaking of refreshing, how about Chicago Tribune columnist, Rick Morrissey literally eating his own words? Morrissey wrote a column back in 2007 about Joakim Noah, and how he thought he would be a bust in the NBA. Well, now that Noah is averaging a double-double, (not the hamburger)he has decided to own up to a promise he made to his readers. The video is about 6 minutes long, but I highly recommend checking out the last 90 seconds or so to watch Noah jumping around, and also telling him to "roll it up", probably not the first time Joakim has said that before.

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