Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Morning Brew for 11/11

First and foremost, Happy Veteran's Day to all of our men and women who are currently serving our country, and to all those who have done so in the past. The courage that you all show in allowing us to have our freedoms is something that I am forever grateful for. THANK YOU!

-As I posted on Friday, there are numerous businesses offering free, or discounted meals or goods to all Veterans today. If you, or someone you know is a Veteran please pass this link along to them so they can take full advantage of some of these offers.

-For some reason this article about the guy who came up with the $5 Footlong idea for Subway fascinated me. Subway has generated $3.8 billion in $5 Footlong Sandwiches, that is over 760 Million sandwiches. Whoa!

-Donald Trump is upgrading his private plane. What does that mean for the rest of us? Well if you've got between $4 and $8 million you can purchase his 1968 Boeing 727. The plane has some over the top features (big shocker, I know) that include a queen size bed, gold plated sinks, and a bidet. No word on whether or not it comes with any locks of The Donald's hair.

-Google got you a present. If you are planning on traveling during the upcoming holiday season check your local airport for free WiFi. The company is paying the bill for free WiFi in 47 airports, ranging from chic Miami International, to the um... not so chic Bozeman, MT regional airport. Can someone please make sure Bozeman knows what WiFi is all about? Thanks.

-In yesterday's post I linked to a video of a fight between the New Mexico and BYU Woman's Soccer teams. Well not to be outdone, the violence has spread to the high school ranks. Thanks to @clbernal for sending along the link to our Twitter account.

-Most of you know that I am big Utah Jazz fan. I have done some writings for this season. The creator of that website has created a site designed to help send Deron Williams to his first all-star game this year in his hometown of Dallas. I highly recommend checking out the website, and also voting for Deron (and other Jazz players) on your 2010 All-Star Ballots.

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