Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday's Works


-It's such a great time of year to be an NBA fan. The Playoffs continued last night with 3 games. The Cavs tried to blow a 29 point 4th quarter lead, but LeBron James wasn't about to let that happen. The King had 29 points and 13 rebounds to lead Cleveland to a 94-82 victory over Detroit.

-One of the most underrated players in the Association helped lead the Blazers to a 107-103 win over the Rockets. Brandon Roy dropped in 42 points and 7 rebounds for Portland. Roy may be underrated, but his teammate Greg Oden continues to be one of the most overrated players in the land. Oden played 11 minutes last night and had 4 points and 4 rebounds, 3 of which were offensive. Not a bad line, one that you'd probably be happy about as a fan, but it's quite easy to get 4 boards when you record 6 fouls in 11 minutes jumping all over everyone! Ugh, I will have another rant on him one day soon.

-This never happened. It's a good thing I spent 4 hours in a sports bar watching what didn't happen last night. That may need to be my destination for all future Jazz Playoff games.


-The Govenator may make his return to the Terminator series. With the 4th installment of the movie series coming out in May, the California Governor doesn't have the time to film any scenes, but the producers of the movie are working on using him image from the earlier Terminator movies to put into Terminator: Salvation. Good work California.

-American Idol judge, Paula Abdul told Dateline that she has never been drunk in her life. Eh.... so you're telling me that you are just that stupid naturally? I'd rather think you were drunk on the air as opposed to just being a moron. I'm just saying.


-The CFO of struggling financial company, Freddie Mac, was found dead of an apparent suicide at his home in Virginia. David Kellerman was 41 years old, married with a young daughter. Truly just another sad story of our economic problems. Police are investigating Kellerman's death.

-President Barack Obama is in Iowa today to discuss his alternative energy plan on Earth Day. Obama is expected to tour a wind energy plant and also take a look at trying to create more jobs based on the plant which was closed down in 2007.

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