Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not So Much...

So every morning I prepare for my post by looking through certain websites (I'm sure you can tell which ones based on the links I provide), this morning while doing my daily browsing looking for stories I couldn't come up with anything. Seriously, there isn't much to post about today. Did the world not do anything yesterday? I mean, I know that I didn't, but what about everyone else?

I did catch up on 24 last night. While I never will post spoilers on here, I must say that if you've never watched the show do yourself a favor and pick up the DVD's and plow through them. I wont' blame you for skipping season 6, but the other seasons are all fantastic.

I need your links! Seriously people, you can read the headlines that I post on here anywhere, but it's the funny videos, interesting stories, and witty blogs that help make this blog run. Feel free to send anything you find interesting in to me. I will post it and give you full credit. Send the links to, it will make me happy when my BlackBerry blinks and tells me that I have new e-mails.

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