Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday's Tidbits

The Links

That's right. We're mixing it up today, The Links are going to be first followed by today's headlines. That's what happens when multiple links are sent in!

-Jason A. (via Jessica B.) sent in a fantastic YouTube video. Introducing BeenerKeeKee1995 performing Souljia Boy's Yaah. Seriously, this was why YouTube was invented, for videos like this.

-In honor of the Jazz playing Game 2 of their Playoff series with the disgusting Lakers, Mike C. gave us this video which is a nice tribute to one of the leagues all-time biggest gangsters, Jeff Hornacek. Oh wait, you mean the white guy from Iowa State is not a gangster? Well nice song choice anyways. Mike, please also do not ever send me an e-mail with the subject "Are You Horny?" Thank you, please come again.

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-Another fine night in the NBA Playoffs last night. Tony Parker helped the Spurs even their series with the Dallas Mavericks. Parker dropped in 38 points in the victory.

-Ray Allen dropped in a 3-pointer with 2 seconds left to help Boston even their series with the Bulls. Allen had 30 points to out duel Chicago's Ben Gordon who dropped in 42.

-Interesting story out of our nation's capital. The Washington Nationals have fined and benched outfielder Elijah Dukes for being late to Saturday's game against the Marlins. Dukes was late to the game because he was speaking to a group of local little league players, and signing autographs for them. Dukes was paid $500 for his appearance which the team did not sponsor. The local little league group has offered to pay the fine for the young outfielder.


-Tonight Show host, Jay Leno, is giving another free show to those affected by layoffs. The comedy stimulus show will take place in Wilmington, Ohio. Thousands of people in the small town were victims of lay offs at shipping company, DHL. Leno has previously given free shows in Detroit for those that were layed off by auto companies.

-A Utah woman is trying to halt the production of the 2nd movie in the Twilight series, New Moon. No, my wife did not attack Edward on the set of the movie, Heidi Stanton has apparently filed a lawsuit against author Stephanie Meyer, saying that she came up with the idea for the vampire series while they were both students at BYU.


-Last week I mentioned that I hadn't ever really heard of a Pirate taking over a ship at seas until recently, and I blamed Johnny Depp for that. Well there is a reason why I've never heard of the problem, one of the Somali Pirates arrived in New York City yesterday for what could be the piracy trial in nearly a century. I wonder if Metallica and Napster are just happy that piracy is being used for something other than their lame battle in court a few years back?

-A Boston medical student is due in court today in connection with the slaying of a woman at a luxury Boston hotel. Phillip Markoff is accused of murdering a woman, and kidnapping and robbing another. Markoff would set up the meetings with these woman through Craigslist.

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