Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday's Works


-I never really thought I'd be starting a post talking about Women's College Basketball, but here we are. The University of Connecticut's women's team completed an undefeated season last night with a 22 point thrashing of Louisville. The Huskies improved their record to 39-0 for the year, and won every game by double digits. What a dominating year. Congrats to UConn.

-Sticking with college hoops, Oklahoma forward Blake Griffin has declared himself eligible for the upcoming NBA draft. The reigning college basketball player of the year is projected to be the number 1 overall pick in this June's draft. Talk about a no-brainer.


-Kumar is going to the White House! Actor Kal Penn has been named to the Office of Public Liaison for President Obama's administration. The actor played Kumar Patell in the Harold and Kumar movies, as well as a doctor on the Fox TV show, House, will not be retiring from acting, but will take a break as he works in Washington for the immediate future. Much to my dismay this all but eliminates any hope we had for Harold and Kumar 3. At least we found out that smoking with George W. could lead to a future in our nation's capital.

-Guess who's back? Back again, Shady's back... Rapper Eminem is back with a new video. The video for the first single off his new album "Relapse" has the rapper firing away at celebrities all across the board. Reminicessent of older videos from Eminem, this one takes some low blows at some high ranking celebs. Enjoy.


-In a field that was once considered to be "recession proof", it seems that tech jobs are forecast to decline by 1.2% this year. With the economy taking its toll, many companies are being forced to reduce the number of jobs they have in their tech departments. According to the report that I have linked above however, tech jobs could bounce back in 2010.

-Life Insurers may be next in line to receive bailout funds. There is a lot of information in this article, that goes way over my head, so I'll just let you click on the link above and let's just go from there.

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  1. Isn't there something just a little bit creepy about Geno & how he is so happy and content with his career? I mean, he's a good coach, but don't we have to remember this is women's basketball? I've never seen a guy with such a big ego in a sport that is only around because of Congress. Let's him take over for Calhoun...THEN I might give him some props.