Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Morning... Ugh!

No links to post today. First day back at home after 2+ weeks in Arizona doesn't leave me much time for a post. So what I have decided to do is post a comment that was left by Chris Bernal from Friday's post about the Broncos trading of Jay Cutler.


As a lifelong Broncos fan, it's seriously a give/take sort of thing. Denver doesn't tolerate well players who think they're bigger than the team (I know some might argue Melo is like that, but it's more of inflammatory quotes & just a lack of malaise toward the community/media & Melo keeps to himself pretty well that way). So Cutler can say all he wants to that he wanted to stay in Denver, but if that's the case, he should fire his agent and/or anyone on his PR staff.

As for McDaniels & Bowlen, I think they (privately) would acknowledge a few missteps on the issue. If you're going to trade a Pro-Bowl QB, you sure as heck better get who you're going after. If not, you've gotta know it's going to blow up in your face. And once it DID blow up, McDaniels should know he's not Belichik yet, so a little humble pie would go a long way.

However, having vented all of that, having five picks in the first three rounds sure will fill a lot of holes. Sure, Orton isn't the answer in Denver, but he'll fit nicely into the system for a year. And that extra #1 might be nice next year too with the Bears receiving corps of a bunch of minor leaguers.

Here's my biggest qualm with the whole matter: All along, I thought it would've made more sense to hire a defensive-minded coach (Rex Ryan or Steve Spagnuolo anyone?), then just not mess too much with the offensive staff of the Bates' & Cutler. McDaniels comes from good pedigree, but so did Romeo and Charlie Weis.

What does it all mean? McDaniels better win, and he better win NOW. If not, don't expect another run like Shanahan's.

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