Friday, April 10, 2009

Moron of the Week

It was no contest this week. Meet Andrew Thomas Gallo of Riverside, CA. Gallo was driving a minivan Wednesday night with a suspended license when he sped through a red light and slammed into a silver Mitsubishi and killed 3 of the 4 people in the vehicle. Gallo was driving on a suspended license from a previous drunken driving arrest, his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit in California at the time of the accident. After hitting the vehicle Gallo fled the scene on foot, only to be captured 30 minutes later.

While there are 2 other people who were killed in the accident, obviously the death of Nick Adenhart has hit home.

Andrew, you took away someones child, someones sibling, niece, nephew, and grandchild. You took away a lot of peoples friend, including one of mine. Like most people in the world, I just want to know why?

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  1. Beej- I had no idea you were friends with him, but had a feeling you'd be affected by this. I am so sorry for your loss. Hang in there.