Monday, December 14, 2009

Morning Brew for 12/14

In what hopefully will become a new Monday tradition, I am going to highlight some of my favorite moments from this past week's episode of Jersey Shore. (BTW, you can click on that link and watch all of the episodes, the perfect time killer at work!)

If you haven't watched the episode, and don't want it spoiled for you please feel free to cruise down to today's links.

The fact that Angelina had that fake cough going all episode was reason enough to kick her out, but being to hungover to work pushed Danny over the edge. SHE GONE! At least she was classy enough to try and start a fight with The Situation on her way out the door.

The love triangle between The Situation, Ronnie, and Sammi escalated this week, and ended up with Ronnie on the dance floor with another woman, and Sammi getting pissed. Somehow I think she will get over it, and they can get back to canoodling in the guest room ASAP.

Oh, Snooki. Between making out with her friend in the jacuzzi, and asking The Situation to do things that are only acceptable in prison, you made your family proud this week.

J-Woww (yes that two W's) broke up with her boyfriend. She then gave us the quote that will excite Guidos all over Jersey for the rest of the season: " the whole world better watch out now that I'm single, because I've been a “Catholic nun” all this time now." Can't wait to see how that turns out!

Final thought: does anyone else find it ironic that they spent a night out a club called "Karma"? Hmmmm.....

OK, on with today's links:

-Tiger Woods announced on his website Friday afternoon that he is taking an indefinite leave from the PGA Tour. Speculation is flying all over the sports radio airwaves as well as blogs about when Woods will return to a sport that so desperately needs him. The biggest issue that no one has mentioned so far? This is the final year of the PGA Tour's TV contract. If Tiger decided to take the entire season off, how will that affect ratings, and how much money will the Tour lose in their contract negotiations? Could be interesting.

-Being from Utah, I am not a huge fan of stereotypes, but I did find this interesting tidbit from the state of West Virginia. In the Mountaineer state, 1 out of 5 babies are born to a mom who used drugs or alcohol during their pregnancy. Oh well! announced its top stars of 2009. Twilight star, Robert Pattinson is the website's #1 celebrity of the year. Obviously this award has nothing to do with good acting, as anyone who has seen New Moon could attest. Sorry wife!

-New York City continues to be the greatest city in the world. On Friday the city unveiled world's largest Menorah in honor of the first night of Hanukkah. Very cool.

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