Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Morning Brew for 12/1

Today is World Aids Day. To find out how you can help fight the disease check out this link.

-Yesterday I mentioned how more and more would be coming out in the Tiger Woods single car accident story. Well the alleged "other woman", Rachel Uchitel, gave an exclusive interview to the NY Post. Great reading here, and I have to say that I totally believe her. It's amazing what people will say when they are offered $25,000 by a tabloid magazine.

-Thinking of texting a link to 8 Hours To Kill on Twitter? Well if you are in North Carolina, or Colorado that is now illegal. You're welcome Bernal family.

-President Barack Obama will address the nation tonight at 6 PM (MST) to discuss the sending of 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Just a hunch, but I've got a feeling you will be able to find this on your TV. If not CNN.com will be carrying it live.

-Former NBA player, Antoine Walker, has agreed to pay back over $900,000 to three different Las Vegas casinos. Walker owes the money for writing bad checks to the casinos. He will pay $13,000 per month over five years according to the agreement. Walker's story is well worth a read.

-In the first Cyber Monday that 8 Hours To Kill posted deals on Twitter, sales were up 11%. Coincidence? I'll let you decide.

-The late Michael Jackson has replaced Britney Spears as Yahoo's Most Searched Person in 2009. Spears had been number one on the list for the past 4 years. I find it odd that two of the ten are things that I have never heard of.

-New York Yankees shortstop, Derek Jeter, has been named Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year. The Yankees captain helped lead the Bronx Bombers to the 2009 World Series Championship while having his best offensive year in recent memory. Jeter was also awarded the Gold Glove for American League Shortstops. While the Sportsman of the Year award is obviously an athletic award, what Jeter has done with his Turn 2 Foundation should not be overlooked.

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