Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday's This 'N That

The Links

-Why would I post a video that is NSFW on a blog that is dedicated to getting you through your work day? Because this video is friggin' hilarious! Big thanks to Warren S. for sending that one in.

-If you find a video, or an article that you find worth sharing online, please feel free to e-mail it to We will post the link and be sure to give you full credit.


-Last night's Lakers/Rockets game showed exactly why I love watching the NBA Playoffs so much. 5 technical fouls, and 2 ejections were just part of the story last night at the Staples Center. Derek Fisher absolutely had a cheap shot on Luis Scola. There is very little doubt in my mind that he is going to be suspended for Game 3 on Friday night. The Inside the NBA crew breaks it down right here. Ron Artest continues to be one of the most entertaining nut jobs in the Association. Watch his post game comments on his ejection from last night's game, I promise it is worth the time.

Update: I was just told by a friend of mine that Ron Artest apparently applied for a job at Circuit City after his rookie year just so he could use the employee discount. This just keeps getting better and better.

-Rajon Rondo had a triple-double last night to help lead the Celtics past the Magic in Game 2 of their series. Obviously the only reason the Celtics were able to hold on in this game was because JJ Redick fouled out with 4:46 remaining. Had he remained in the game he would have started hitting 30 footers like he was back in college and brought Orlando right back into the game. Believe it.


-American Idol is down to their final 3. I'm not going to post who was kicked off, just in case there are readers who have last night's episode recorded at home. Oh yeah, that and I haven't watched this show in 6 years so I couldn't tell you any of the people's names.

-Last week I mentioned the reality TV show, Jon and Kate Plus 8. Who knew that mentioning it on the blog would lead to such a media blitz? If you've never seen the show, well first of all good work, but you might want to check it out just to see how crazy Kate is. I'm never going to condone cheating on your spouse, but it wouldn't surprise me if Jon was hanging out with some women who were actually sane.

-Do not, I repeat DO NOT mess with Jack Bauer.


-President Obama has provided a more in depth look at his 2010 budget. Obama is calling for cuts that will trim $17 billion from the U.S. budget. There are 121 federal programs that the President will cut funding for, including many in the defense department.

-Ahhh, nothing quite like the occasional porn star running for a senate bid in Louisiana. Stormy Daniels is apparently on a tour through the state to see if there is support for her to potentially run against current senator David Vitter. How many jokes will the late night talk shows get out of this?

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