Saturday, May 2, 2009

100th Post!

So I was getting ready to publish this week's Moron of the Week, when I realized that this post will be number 100 on 8 Hours to Kill. So instead of getting a Moron of the Week, I am going to post some great links that have been sent in over the past 99 posts that will hopefully get you through your weekend and ready for work on Monday.

-Gus Johnson, oh how we love thee.

-I'm glad KG isn't afraid to speak his mind.

-Boom, roasted.

-I've actually had multiple people send in this video. It's never too early to prepare for your fantasy football team.

-NSFW: T-Pain enjoys his time on a boat.

-This is why I don't dunk. Oh, that and I have no vertical leap.

-OH! He threw your dance move in the stands! I don't know why, but this might be my favorite video that I've posted.

-You've all seen the Afro Ninja. But it never hurts to watch it again.

-Ever since Lindsay Lohan broke up with Samantha Ronson, she has been looking for love in all the wrong places.

-My favorite Moron of the Week thus far.

-My least favorite professional athlete. As if losing to the Lakers wasn't bad enough, now I have to watch this jackass play basketball for another month.

-I just posted this yesterday, but check out a classic Saved by the Bell video.

That will do it for our 100th post. My biggest thanks goes out to everyone who has sent in links thus far, and hopefully there will be many more posts to come!

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