Monday, May 4, 2009

Suck it, iPhone!

The BlackBerry Curve has over taken the iPhone as the #1 smart phone in the United States.

That's how we roll!


  1. That's overblown. If the iPhone were available on other networks, it would absolutely crush the BB. I like BB's, but Apple def dominates on this one.

  2. Can you really tell iPhone to suck it??? You have one. So really I guess if the iPhone were beating the BB you could tell BB to suck it?? Pick a phone and stick with it.

  3. Looky here peeps:
    First of all Chris, good detective work. The article states your exact point. Obviously if the iPhone was available on all the same networks as the BlackBerry it would dominate, however it is not so there for iPhone can suck it.

    Secondly Capt. Anonymous:
    Stop stalking me. :)