Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tyson Chandler Returns to New Orleans

After failing his physical it appears that Tyson Chandler is heading back to New Orleans. According to reports the Oklahoma City Thunder team doctor's did not think that Chandler's left big toe was healed enough after performing a surgery on it in April of 2007.

My question is, if this is the same doctor that performed the surgery, and he thinks that Chandler is not healthy enough for the Thunder, shouldn't that be a comment on his performance as a doctor? I'm just saying.

It will be real interesting to see how Chandler accepts coming back to a team that two days ago told him we don't want you anymore. It could be the sort of thing that this team rallies around, or it could bring some turmoil into that locker room if Chandler decides he doesn't want to give it is all for an ownership group that didn't think he was worth the contract that they gave him.

It's a little scary to me, as a Jazz fan, to think of the playoff implications that are going to be caused all by Tyson Chandler's big toe.

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