Friday, February 27, 2009


-Albert Haynesworth is going to be loving the next 13 months of his life. Haynesworth signed a deal with the Washington Redskins that will pay him $100m over the next 7 years. Included in his deal is a guarantee of $41m, $32m of which he will receive over the next 13 months. Not a bad deal in my opinion. Unless of course you are a Redskins fan.

-In other contract news, San Francisco Gians fans should be thanking their lucky stars that after paying Barry Zito $14.5m per season, they will have the regining NL Cy Young winner under contract in 2009 for $650,000. Tim Lincecum agreed to the deal with the Giants last night. He will be eligible for arbitration following the 2009 season where he will cash in.

-When LeBron James has 1 rebound, and 0 assists you probably aren't going to win very many ballgames. That was the case last night as the Rockets pounded the Cavs at the Toyota Center in Houston. Does anyone else realize that the Rockets are really "taking off" since McGrady announced he would be out for the season? M-V-P, M-V-P!

-Tiger Woods fell to Tim Clark at the Accenture Match Play Championships yesterday outside of Tucson. After waiting 8 months for his return to play, I'm sure the PGA Tour would have liked to have seen Woods advance further, but Clark had other plans. Just my thought, but after getting back into the swing of things on tour this week, Woods is going to dominate in his next stop. He will be over answering all the questions about whether or not he is nervous to be back on tour. Whether or not he thinks the knee is going to be able to hold up. Whether or not he is coming back to early. The only question for his next tour stop: how many strokes will he win by?

-Manny Ramirez has rejected the Dodgers contract offer of 2 years and $45 millon. Apparently both sides agree on the amount of money and the length of the deal, but they do not agree on when Manny will receive the money. The Dodgers hope is to defer a large amount of the contract over the next 5 years without interest.

-Maybe I need to re-think my support for President Obama.

-Hahahaha. This is where I will be spending my Friday night.

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